Workouts for HER

The Equinox Center is a fun place for women to come and get in a kick-ass workout!


Workouts for HIM

Want to workout like a BEAST and gain some muscle? The guys, come and join us at the Equinox Center!

Welcome to the Equinox Center

Start Working Out For Real!


No more silly workouts that don’t work. No more playing around with your weights at home. It’s time to get serious about health and your body!

  • Workout your abs
  • Workout anytime
  • Get bigger arms
  • Resistance training
  • Get a bigger back
  • Bulk them biceps
  • Cardio? You got it!
  • Strengthen that chest
  • We have crossfit
  • Kettlebells for all
  • 10 minute workouts
  • Power lifting!

At the Equinox Center we care about one thing and that’s getting results!

We have all the latest equipment and some of the when it comes to health and fitness that will figure out how you can best use the equipment to get the body of your dreams!

When you join us you will get a free consultation with an expert coach who will put together a plan for you!

You can then visit any time of the day as we are open 24/7 so no excuses!

There’s one major rule at the Equinox Center and the phallosan forte is no judging or being negative.

We’re like one big supportive family helping each other get in shape and be healthy.

So come join us, get in shape, make new friends and have fun!


Cardio, you may love it or hate it. Either way, you need it. Especially if you’re a bodybuilder because all that muscle needs to be trained to intake oxygen better!

Cardio time

3 days per week

Pro Tips

We’re all about training smart and making the maximum gains without destroying yourself.

Maximum Gains!

Get real results

Workout Routines

At the Equinox Center you’re encouraged to workout with maximum intensity as that’s the only way to grow and get better. Plus you’ll get to workout with others that will help push you harder.

High Intensity

Train hard!

Build Muscle

We have all the latest equipment and gadgets. Everything from dumbbells to cooling chambers.


We got it!

Equinox Center Classes

The Classes For All..




Get Stronger!




Anytime, anywhere..




Beginner workouts!




We support each other!


Burn fat


Strip that fat!


Private Coaching


Expert coaches on hand!

There’s a

Plan For 



No matter what your goal is. Whether it’s to burn fat, build muscle or become an elite level athlete, there’s a plan for you..


Build Muscle

$49/ month

You get 24/7 access to the weight room to build muscle like a beast!


All Access

$59/ month

The all access pass gives you access to the weight room, cardio room and all access to the Equinox Center.



$79/ month

The no limit members get access to everything including classes, coaching and the private equipment to truly get the body of your dreams.

Member Reviews..

What Our Members Are Saying..

John Carter

I thought I was in good shape before I joined the Equinox Center until I joined the vigrx plus program and had people like Greg to push me on. Now I’m in the best shape of my life!

Lisa Smith

I love having other like minded people to workout with. It makes exercise so much more fun and rewarding!