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Vehicle Miles Remain High For San Diego 04/18/14

It's no secret that we live in a car culture. While it's inevitable that certain trips can only be taken by car, there are still many opportunities to carpool or use alternative means of transportation that are often overlooked. Why is this important? The more vehicle miles traveled – the number of miles spent driving our car – the more we pollute our air with carbon emissions. This worsens our air quality and accelerates climate change. So what can we do to reduce our vehicle miles traveled?   

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Steps To Lower Your Energy Bill & Carbon Footprint 04/16/14

It's exciting to see progress made towards increasing solar energy in San Diego. On Tuesday, April 8, the San Diego City Council unanimously approved the Property Assessed Clean Energy program, also known as PACE, which will allow homeowners to install solar panels at no up-front cost. This will help residents both save on their energy bill and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to this, there are other energy saving tips you can follow to save money and help the environment. 

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