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Transportation - Vehicle Miles Traveled

Featured Bright Spot:

WHAT: The City of Imperial Beach’s Bicycle Transportation Plan implemented a “road diet” through its ECO Bicycle Palm Avenue Traffic Calming Plan, which expands designated bicycle routes and encourages bicycling as an alternative to driving.

WHO: City of Imperial Beach


WHAT: The city of La Mesa is in the process of drafting a Bicycle Master Plan, and recently constructed street improvements to make frequently traveled areas near the civic center and key transit stops more cyclist and pedestrian friendly.

WHO: City of La Mesa

Transportation - Transit

Featured Bright Spot:

WHAT: The San Marcos City Council created a transit district that will generate funding for a city-wide shuttle service and other measures to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality as the city grows.

WHO: City of San Marcos



Additional Bright Spot:

WHAT: SANDAG’s 2050 Regional Transportation Plan outlines goals for tackling the primary barriers to increased public transit ridership, including measures to improve frequency and efficiency by: double tracking the LOSSAN coastal rail corridor and SPRINTER rail lines to increase the frequency of the COASTER, SPRINTER, and Amtrak; creating high frequency bus services on current routes; instating streetcar and shuttle services in busy downtown areas; and improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure near transit hubs to enhance first mile/last mile mobility.




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