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From Factoid Friday to breaking news on quality of life and sustainability issues in the region, our blog shines a spotlight on critical issues in the San Diego region and simple ways you can help to solve them.

Feb. 25 Stormwater Forum: A Recap Posted February 26, 2014

It was standing room only at the Feb. 25 Stormwater Forum co-hosted by Equinox Center, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, San Diego Coastkeeper and the Building Industry Association of San Diego. Bringing together business leaders, public agency representatives and environmentalists, the forum was able to move forward the discussion on stormwater pollution and costs, and what regulatory agencies are hoping to achieve with the new Regional MS4 stormwater permit.

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Equinox Center Releases Electric Vehicles Backgrounder Posted January 27, 2014

Photo credit: car2go

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have increased significantly in recent years, with San Diego ranking 3rd on ChargePoint’s list of EV hotspots within the U.S. So, what’s behind this surge in electric vehicle sales? What does it mean for the environment and possibly jobs? Is San Diego County ready for more EVs? To learn more about electric vehicles, check out this new report and executive summary from Equinox Center.

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Encinitas is latest city to consider reducing plastic bags Posted November 21, 2013

Great news! The Encinitas City Council voted 3-2 Wednesday to move forward with a plastic bag reduction ordinance. This puts Encinitas on track to phase out plastic bags as soon as next year, adding to the momentum building across the San Diego region toward reducing single-use plastic bags.

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Equinox Center Co-Sponsors a Screening of "Plastic Paradise" Posted November 14, 2013

San Diego kicked off its 14th Asian Film Festival last weekend and Plastic Paradise was featured as one of its films. Plastic Paradise was a 7-year endeavor by Yahoo sportscaster Angela Sun to uncover the truth behind all the plastic debris that ends up in the Pacific Ocean. Known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” this island of plastic trash is affecting marine life, our food chain and our health. Read more to learn about the film and when it will be screened next.

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Equinox Center Releases Analysis on Impacts of Plastic Bag Bans Posted October 22, 2013

The City of San Diego decided last month to examine a new policy to reduce single use plastic bags. Today, Equinox Center released a study that says the proposed policy could lead to a decrease of nearly 350 million single-use bags annually in San Diego, improving the environment with little to no long-term impacts on consumers and retailers. See the executive summary or full report for more.

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Equinox Center Visits El Corazon Compost Facility Posted October 16, 2013

What’s the connection between beer and composting? On Oct. 10th, Equinox Center staff had the pleasure of touring the El Corazon Compost Facility in Oceanside, which reuses beer waste provided by Stone Brewing Co. in the composting process. The facility is also home to the city’s curbside green waste program, producing mulch and “compost tea” free of cost for residents. 

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Equinox Center Spotlighted at University Club Posted September 5, 2013

University Club members and Equinox Center supporters gathered Aug. 22 at the University Club atop Symphony Towers for a Charity & Wine Evening hosted by the Club’s Giving Group. The event gave guests a chance to toast the organization with sustainably grown wines, and to learn about Equinox’s newest program, BoardNEXT.


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Trash Talk: A Recap Posted September 5, 2013

TractorEquinox Center gathered a group of supporters together for Trash Talk, the first in a series of policy forums. Attendees ditched their suits and high heels for walking shoes, as they set off on a tour of the Miramar Landfill to kick off the event. Read the full story to hear about what San Diego is doing to minimize waste, what we could get better at, and what experts say the region as a whole needs to focus on. 

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Equinox Center Releases New Waste Data at Trash Talk Event Posted August 29, 2013

Miramar LandfillEquinox Center hosted Trash Talk today - an event organized for the purpose of raising awareness about regional waste issues. Equinox released new regional waste data as part of the event. See it here!

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WATERSHED Documentary Sheds Light on the Realities of Water Stress in SoCal Posted August 5, 2013

The Pearl

The Equinox Center hosted a viewing of the award-winning documentary WATERSHED in July to reinforce why water conservation in Southern California is important.



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