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From Factoid Friday to breaking news on quality of life and sustainability issues in the region, our blog shines a spotlight on critical issues in the San Diego region and simple ways you can help to solve them.

Dashboard 2013 In-Depth: Clean Jobs Posted March 1, 2013

Clean Jobs Thumbs UpClean technology represents a growing sector of San Diego’s economy and is central to our region’s strategy for maintaining global competitiveness and for retaining our young talent. So, are we measuring up as we should be?

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Dashboard 2013 In Depth: Action on Climate Change Posted February 15, 2013

Climate Change

We've made significant progress as a region toward municipal action on climate change, but some cities stand out. We presented the 2013 Dashboard findings before the Chula Vista City Council this week and learned more about their sustainability efforts and green business program.

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Dashboard 2013 In-Depth: Transportation Posted February 5, 2013

Transportation ThumbsTexas Transportation Institute's "Urban Mobility Report" was issue today, and again, the report finds San Diegans are driving more than in previous years.

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Dashboard 2013 In-Depth: Why Beach Closures are a Concern Posted January 25, 2013

Water indicator bugA rainy day in San Diego almost always results in beach closures or advisories. Our 2013 Dashboard revealed that water quality worsened last year. Why is it important?

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Dashboard 2013 In-Depth: Renewable Energy Gets a Thumbs Up Posted January 22, 2013

Thumbs Up Renewable EnergyIn the 2013 Dashboard, we've given renewable energy a "thumbs up" because moving in the right direction improves air quality, reduces public health costs and increases our region's energy security. Michael Chen @10NewsChen on Channel 10 will cover our findings on January 22, 2013 at 5pm.

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2013 Dashboard Unveils; Highlights San Diego Quality of Life Strengths and Weaknesses Posted January 18, 2013

Equinox Center kicked off the New Year yesterday with the release of our annual San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard.  We thought the news was exciting, and so did the local media. Check out the coverage of the Dashboard captured this week…

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2013 Dashboard Sneak Peak: Water Consumption Posted January 16, 2013

Tonight on News 10 reporter Michael Chen @10NewsChen will cover our region’s use of water. Hear how increased water consumption puts our region at risk.

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2013 Dashboard Sneak Peak: San Diegans Drive More than Drivers in LA Posted January 14, 2013

10 News reporter Michael Chen @10NewsChen caught up with us today about our transportation findings. Among them, San Diegans drive more than residents of LA. Catch the 2013 Dashboard sneak peak tonight on News 10.

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Dashboard 2013 Sneak Peak: Our Region is Still Threatened by Poor Water Quality Posted January 11, 2013

The winter storm this week reminds us that our region is still threatened by poor water quality, especially on wet days. 10 News reporter Michael Chen @10NewsChen covered the story with a sneak peak of Equinox Center’s 2013 Dashboard.

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Factoid Friday: The Key to San Diego’s Economic Prosperity? Posted January 4, 2013

It’s going to be a good year for job growth in science and tech. San Diego has landed on a list of the top cities for STEM careers. These are jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and many believe job development in these sectors is the key to economic growth in our region.

Factoid Friday

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