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From Factoid Friday to breaking news on quality of life and sustainability issues in the region, our blog shines a spotlight on critical issues in the San Diego region and simple ways you can help to solve them.

Ever wondered how Equinox Center is funded? Posted June 11, 2012

A letter from Equinox Center Executive Director Ann Tartre

Dear Friends:

How is Equinox Center funded?

It’s the #1 question we get from people who are just learning about us. We get it -- follow the money to find the special interests, right?

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What We Learned From Green Innovators in the Region Posted June 11, 2012

Equinox Center Leaders 2020Startup Leadership Program and the San Diego Regional EDC hosted “Green to the Core®: Launching and Growing a Sustainable Business” on June 7, 2012.

Here are some highlights of what we learned from our event panelists David Saltman, Founder, Malama CompositesMike Hurst, Founder, Chlorofill; and Jeff Martin CEO, Yulex Corporation.

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Factoid Friday: Happy World Oceans Day Posted June 8, 2012

Factoid FridayIn honor of World Oceans Day today, Factoid Friday takes a look at local beach clean-up data and asks: what's the #1 source of trash found on San Diego beaches each year? 


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Factoid Friday: Is Biking Safe? Posted June 1, 2012

FactoidFridayIs biking safe? Fear of traffic is one of the top reasons people don't bike, but statistically, biking is safer than other modes of travel, says a recent article in Sunset magazine. This neat infographic in this month's issue shows a comparison...

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Finally--Voter Tools Focused on Quality of Life Issues Posted May 31, 2012

Election Priori-meterAs Equinox Center's latest “2012 Election Priori-meter” (pictured) reveals, a few issues have dominated the key local races this year, and topics like solving our region’s ever-increasing traffic or ensuring clean beaches and drinking water simply aren’t among them. You could spend hours sifting through media coverage and candidate websites just to uncover what candidates have to say about issues you care about. Or you can take two minutes right now to check out our side-by-side Candidate Comparisons. We've posted a variety of other 2012 Election voter tools on our website -- just in time for the June 5 primaries.

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Factoid Friday: Purified Recycled Drinking Water Is Cleaner Than You Think Posted May 25, 2012

Factoid FridayDid you know that studies show advanced treatment (a process known as "Indirect Potable Reuse") creates purified water with fewer contaminants than San Diego County’s existing imported water supply?

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Update on Recycled Water: Advances in water recycling approved by San Diego City Council NR&C Committee Posted May 25, 2012

In case you missed the good news this week (“Recycled Water Getting a Second Look”), a two-year recycled water study has been completed and considered by the City of San Diego Natural Resources & Culture (NR&C) Committee NR&C.

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Factoid Friday: How much does it cost to own a car? Posted May 18, 2012

AAA released the results of its annual ‘Your Driving Costs’ study recently, revealing a 1.9 percent rise in the yearly costs to own and operate a sedan in the U.S. The average cost is currently estimated at nearly $9,000 per year, based upon 15,000 miles of annual driving.

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Factoid Friday: How Does Your Community Stack Up on Green Space? Posted May 11, 2012

Factoid FridayAccording to Equinox’s 2012 Quality of Life Dashboard, on average, there are 404 acres of accessible park per 1,000 people in San Diego County.

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Factoid Friday: San Diego Ranks 18 of 25 on Transit Access Posted May 4, 2012

Factoid FridayWalk Score released its first rankings of transit systems last week. The report ranks San Diego 18th among the largest 25 cities based on frequency of service, type of route, and distance to the nearest stop on the route on a block-by-block basis.

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