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From Factoid Friday to breaking news on quality of life and sustainability issues in the region, our blog shines a spotlight on critical issues in the San Diego region and simple ways you can help to solve them.

Factoid Friday: Meet your friendly neighborhood reverse-osmosis technology firm Posted April 6, 2012

Here’s yet another thing for San Diegans to be proud of…

Factoid FridayA recent Economist article notes that: “If California were not already so famous for Silicon Valley and Hollywood, it might be renowned for the cluster of water-technology firms in its San Diego County."

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Bridge the Chasm Between Public Priorities and Election Dialogue Posted April 3, 2012

The following opinion piece by Equinox Center Executive Director Ann Tartre was published by Voice of San Diego on April 2, 2012:

When you envision a future San Diego region, do you conjure images of a place in which both residents and businesses thrive thanks to an ample, reliable and safe water supply; a comfortable place to call home for every member of the region’s workforce; and efficient, convenient and cost-effective transportation options to move us around? In your vision, has the region accommodated growth while still preserving its natural areas and open spaces for recreation? And in this future, have we achieved all of these things while also creating new jobs and advancing our region’s prosperity and quality of life?

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Factoid Friday: What's Trending in the San Diego Mayoral Race? Posted March 30, 2012

Factoid FridayHere's a startling number: 15. That's the number of mentions of "stadium" for every 1 mention of "quality of life" in the San Diego Mayoral Race.

That's according to Equinox Center's soon-to-be-unveiled "Election 2012 Priori-meter," which takes a look at what's trending across major races in the region. Check back on Monday for the full results!

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Factoid Friday: Nature Goes Missing from Kids Posted March 23, 2012

Factoid Friday

Children’s books with an explicit environmental message have always been rare, but a new study shows that over the past few decades, fewer children’s books have included any images of nature. 

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Welcome, Spring! ...Now what does Vernal Equinox mean again? Posted March 20, 2012

At Equinox Center, our namesake is that moment of perfect balance—between winter and spring, summer and fall, between day and night, east and west.

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Factoid Friday: 62% of Americans believe in man-made climate change Posted March 16, 2012

Factoid FridayAfter several years of finding that fewer and fewer Americans believed in climate change, pollsters are now finding that belief is on the uptick.

The newest study from the National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change, a biannual survey conducted since fall 2008 and organized by The Brookings Institution, shows that 62% of Americans now believe that man-made climate change is occurring, while 26% do not. The others are unsure.

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Your Opportunity to Bring Quality of Life Issues to the Fore - Tomorrow! Posted March 13, 2012

KPBS will host a candidates’ forum tomorrow for the 52nd Congressional District race and is inviting you to submit your questions in advance. The 52nd District is attracting the interest of super PACs on both sides of the aisle and is sure to be a key race to watch in 2012!

Equinox Center’s 2012 Quality of Life Dashboard revealed some of the major threats to the San Diego region’s quality of life, environmental health and economic prosperity. We encourage you to refer to it and participate in this and other upcoming candidates’ forums to ensure quality of life issues are a top priority, regardless of which candidate you support.

Here are some of the questions we’re asking.

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Factoid Friday: San Diego Ranks 43 of 51 on Civic Engagement Posted March 9, 2012

(But wait! There's good news too.)

A Fall 2011 study by Competitive Edge Research ranked San Diego County 43rd out of 51 major metropolitan areas when it comes to being civically engaged. San Diego fell below other California cities San Francisco (15), Sacramento (30) and San Jose (31). 

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236 Miles, 9,000 Calories into Fulfilling Our Promise Posted March 7, 2012


At long last, an update on our carbon offset/bike-riding challenge...

(Though we must admit, no one can communicate the joy of bike-riding more powerfully than the ridiculously adorable kid in this YouTube video.)

# Days commuted by bicycle (collectively): 19
Progress toward goal: 38%
# Miles traveled: 236

# Gnats consumed along San Elijo Lagoon (estimated): 27
# Calories burned (approximate): 9,000
Carbon emissions offset by not driving (estimated): 176 lbs. CO2

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Why "Pain at the Pump" is About More than Gas Prices Posted March 6, 2012

News media are reporting on how San Diego gas prices are currently among the highest in the country. But that’s not the only reason your transportation costs are rising. Equinox Center’s 2012 Quality of Life Dashboard found that as a San Diego County resident, on average, you’re driving more highways miles per day than residents of any other major region in California, including the state-wide average. That, of course, means you're burning more gas along the way.

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