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Our Latest Water Report Points to “Low­ Hanging Fruit” for Water Efficiency in San Diego

A new report released by the Equinox Center demonstrates there is still significant potential to conserve water in the San Diego region.  The paper estimates that by employing technology already available, the region could use 20-30% less water over the next 20 years than water managers predict.  

With limited local water supplies, San Diego County currently imports 70% of its water supply from Northern California or the Colorado River, putting the region in a vulnerable  position.  We have has long focused our research efforts on securing a sustainable local water supply. The fifth publication in its H2Overview Project, The Potential of Water Efficiency and Conservation: Opportunities in Single Family Homes in San Diego, examines opportunities to use water more efficiently. The San Diego region has had success in conserving water, but recently released data suggests there is the potential to use water resources more efficiently. 

View the report at-at-glance summary here:

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